Success Stories

Rajesh Patil
  • Date of birth – 1/1/1980
  • Disability – polio Lt. Lower limb
  • Education – B com.
  • Company Name – E W Food India Pvt Ltd.
  • Designation – kitchen Incharge
  • Form SEC Santacruz unit
  • Married and Two children
  • Good singer and Helping nature
  • Previously work for sec Screen Printing unit Agripada and Antophill.
Megha Nitin Gawade
  • Date of birth – 24/02/1986
  • Disability – polio Lt. Lower limb
  • Education – S. Y. B.A
  • Company Name – Shilpi International
  • Designation – Office Administration
  • 4th from sec day school Antophill unit 1995
  • Married and Mother of 2 children
  • Sec Help her in scholarship for study and also for her leg corrective surgery
  • Now she is happy in her life
Anil Kondvilkar
  • Date of birth – 03/01/1985
  • Disability – Polio Both Lower limb
  • Education – SSC
  • Other Qualifications – Diploma in Interior Design
  • Company Name – Design Forum
  • Designation – Sr Interior Designer
  • Anil Kondvilkar 5th from Antophill unit 1997
  • Sec Help him for his higher study.
  • Now he is married (1yrs)
  • Very promising and helping nature.
Jyoti Chavan
  • Date of birth – 09/03/1989
  • Disability – Polio Lt.Lower limb
  • Education – BA, MA part 1
  • Other Qualifications – IATA
  • Company Name – Shade
  • Designation – Manager in Merchandise
  • 4th from Antophill unit year 1997
  • She is from very poor family, she lost her father but her dedication and help of sec in her polio corrective surgery and higher study.
  • she is now very happy with her married and professional life.
Rupali Balu
Rupali Balu Loyare, now 23 and happily married, has been with us from the 1st standard; initially in our in-house primary school and, thereafter, as per our policy, she was assimilated in the local school, going on from there to Junior College and completion of HSC. She secured admission for D.ED but being unable to complete the course, she returned to our SEC institute for Vocational Training and further physio-therapy. Being multi-talented, she has completed a computer course with MSCIT, appeared for music exams, dances with mobility aids and has developed skills in tailoring while participating in drawing and sports.
Sagar Bharat
Sagar Bharat, now 22, is gainfully employed in a Call Centre in Pune which is remarkable progress from his early days. With correct orthopaedic surgery and calcium supplements provided by SEC he can move around using only crutches. He joined us in the 1st standard and enjoyed the school curriculum participating in competitions and cultural programs, music and drawing. He is enthusiastic about improving his language skills, trying to converse in English and practising mimicry. He also participates in the orchestra and wrote a play, acted in it and directed it as well.
Irfan Pathan
Irfan Pathan, at 26 has completed his H.S.C. and Bachelor of fine arts, Diploma of Graphic Design and is handling an advertising agency at Pune. Afflicted with polio when only two, and without the right environment at home till the age of 13, he was eventually referred to SEC by a neighbouring NGO. His capacity to study as also his age, enabled him to complete multiple standards in two years. His good performance in schools and further studies culminated in his receiving a Diploma. With corrective surgery and physio-therapy provided by SEC, he can now move around independently using mobility aids. He enjoys music and is learning to play the harmonium as well as drums. He has passed the government-held music exam.
Akash Pawar
Akash Pawar, aged 20, is justly proud of his B.C.A. Born with a severe disability, he was suffering from back problems till the SEC team of physiotherapists designed special aids for him which have made him independently mobile, giving him confidence. With SEC from the 1st standard, he completed his 10th standard with a first class, moving on to complete his B.C.A. with aspirations for completing the Master degree of M.C.A. Apart from his love of reading, he is talented in drawing and music, winning prizes in competitions.
Akash Mahadu
Akash Mahadu Dasgude, now 20, has appeared for S.Y.B.A in the reputed Fergusan College at Pune while also holding a part-time job. Finding it difficult to commute to school because of his disability and also because of his residence in a remote area, he was admitted to the SEC school in the 5th standard. He continued his studies by being a role model and completed his 10th standard by setting a record for the school in the marks secured. With regular physio-therapy he is now able to participate in cultural activities and sports.

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