Day Schools (Agripada / Pratiksha Nagar / Khar Danda)

The Society for the Education of the Challenged (Child and Adult) (SEC) was founded in 1959.

In 1963, SEC was given recognition by the Bombay Municipal Corporation which gave premises, in its municipal school buildings within Mumbai, to operate 3 day schools (Agripada / Khar Danda / Pratiksha Nagar).  

A residential school was also started at Kamshet and later relocated to Naigaon on the Mumbai-Pune Road.

Every child is special and every child has the Right to Education was the basis on which SEC was founded. SEC also believes that every child should be taught how to think, read, and write. 

The Mission is to provide opportunities to children with physical and multiple disabilities for education, learning a vocation, and becoming contributing and productive members of society. The Vision is leadership with dynamic and dedicated staff using a proactive approach to play an important role in the growth of SEC. Since children with challenges need help, understanding, and encouragement, it is important to educate the parents in understanding child psychology and the extent to which the child can be independent.

At present, SEC has on its rolls students with various disabilities such as Achondroplasia, Apert Syndrome, Arthrogryposis, C.T.E.V., Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Anomalies, Hemiplegia, Muscular Dystrophy, Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Poliomyelitis, Spina Bifida, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, etc.



The classes are from the first to the seventh grade. The curriculum followed by the school is as per the Maharashtra State Board. The medium of instruction is Hindi and Marathi. Specially trained teachers try to simplify the content of the subjects taught to the students and give individual attention. After the seventh grade, the children are integrated into regular schools elsewhere. SEC tries to follow up with regular progress reports. An inclusion program has been started by SEC to aid those who need vocational assistance.



Apart from scholastic education, several children need therapies as mentioned below.



Physiotherapy is given to the students in individual sessions as well as in a group. The physiotherapists train the teaching staff as well as caretakers to handle the children appropriately so that there is a consistent approach to the physiotherapy program for the child. The physiotherapists at the school ensure that the students reach their potential. The parents of the children are trained to handle the children suitably, so that the therapy given by specialists at the school is continued at home.

Mobility training enables the children to be as physically independent as possible and to move from being assisted to being independent.



Speech therapy is important because many of the children admitted to the school have different kinds of speech impairment due to various medical reasons. The speech therapists work with the children to overcome difficulties involved with specific disorders. The therapists interact with the children using a variety of strategies like language intervention activities, articulation therapy, oral-motor/feeding, and swallowing therapy.



Hydrotherapy (swimming) is a very important part of the school curriculum. The students are taught by professional coaches. This training also prepares the students for the swimming competition held every year by SEC.



Dance therapy is used as a form of physiotherapy. Children express emotions through their bodies freely, which aims to help participants regain some of the freedom and spontaneity of expression that is lost through inhibitions created by their emotional and physical experiences.



Music therapy is an effective educational and therapeutic tool resulting in improvement in certain skill areas for the children. Music forms an important part of the school curriculum and a special music teacher is engaged. Apart from being a source of enjoyment for all age groups, whatever the disability, it aids memorisation, stimulates speech, has a positive effect on self-esteem, and provides a calming effect when a child’s anxiety interferes with cognitive focus.



Besides imparting education to the children, SEC encourages the students to participate in various fields like sports and in cultural activities like drama and dance, competitions, vocational training, educational camps, and yoga to enable them to be confident to face life in the future.



Nutrition is essential, so milk and biscuits are provided to the students as breakfast. Also, a nutritious mid-day meal is provided to the students by the school.



Traditional corrective orthopaedic surgery is arranged and facilitated. Cases of those who have undergone surgery are meticulously followed up by social workers in the hospitals, and also after they are discharged and sent home. Guidance is given to the parents to follow the instructions given by the doctors in respect of medicines, hygiene, home care, and orthopaedic appliances.

Dental and eye check-up camps are conducted by SEC through our sponsors.



SEC runs a school bus service for all 4 schools. This transport service is a major relief to the parents and educating handicapped children becomes easier for them. It is an important service of the school that facilitates education.

In addition, the students are introduced to computers to stay in tune with technological developments. 

Since all the school children come from underprivileged backgrounds, the entire schooling, therapies, nutrition, and transport expenses are borne by the Society through donations and sponsorship from our supporters and well-wishers. 

At the time of admission of the child, pre-vocational assessment by a special team helps formulate an educational plan for the student so that the class teacher can work with the child using a structured program. At intervals, the evaluation of the student is also conducted to measure his cognitive and social skills processing.

Whereas most of the students in the school have physical challenges, there are some with intellectual challenges. With the personal care of the teachers and the parents, these children can overcome their disabilities to a certain extent.

To summarise, SEC extends the following support to all 3 schools in Mumbai

– Education

– Mobility training

– Giving hydro / physio / speech / music / dance therapies 

– Offers nutritious meals

– Provides bus services to transport these differently abled students to and fro from their residence to school 

– Motivates the students throughout the year through contests, sports, and other cultural activities

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