Surgeries are performed on disabled children to correct their deformities. Children afflicted with Polio, Arthrogryposis, Congenital Anomalies and Cerebral Palsy, need corrective surgeries to position limbs for suitable appliances. Orthopedic surgeries are undertaken to attain functional status of lower limbs for mobility. Neuro-surgeries are performed for Spina-Bifida cases. Some Spina-Bifida cases need button-hole surgeries for regularizing bladder control, and shunt replacement for hydro-cephalous cases.


In order to relax stiff limbs of the children, drugs such as Pacitane and Liofen are required, and Anti-epileptic drugs are needed to stop epileptic fits. Calcium and Vitamin tablets are given for growth and good health of the children.


Any surgery to be undertaken necessitates investigations such as X-rays, blood reports, respiratory functional status reports, etc. Spina-Bifida cases entail bladder investigations, neurological cases MRI of brain, and EEG is necessary for Epilepsy cases, all involving huge costs.


Cases of those who have undergone surgery are meticulously followed up by a social workers in the hospitals, and also after they are discharged and sent home. Wheelchairs and commodes are arranged for home use. Guidance is given to the parents to follow the instructions given by the Doctors in respect of medicines, hygiene and homecare. They are also briefed about prevention of wounds and bed-sores. Therapists undertake the task of explaining post-surgery care regarding mobility and transfers. Detailed explanations are given with regard to wearing of appliances to
To take advantage of new medical breakthroughs, especially where traditional methods of therapy were slow, Stem Cell treatment was offered.

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