School Bus

In 1958, when the school started, there were no school buses. The parents had to bring their children to school. Being financially deprived, the parents had to make two ends meet, and therefore did not find time to drop the children at school and pick them up again. Realizing the need to bring the children safely to school, and to avert absenteeism, school buses started picking up and dropping the children. The transport service was a major relief to the parents and educating the handicapped children became easier with the service offered by the school. They are an important service of the school even today.

Specially designed user friendly buses are now available for the children. The school has 5 own buses and 1 hired bus. Most of the buses are more than 15 years old now and might have to be scrapped soon. Agripada Unit which has the maximum children has 2 buses, 1 own and 1 hired.


Some severely handicapped children who cannot use the school bus, or the children whose homes are not reachable by the school bus, hire a taxi to and fro, and are reimbursed with the taxi fare.